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E-cab Nepal is a company that provides a convenient and efficient mobile app platform to book cabs. It offers two distinct services: one is for customers, and the other is for riders, who can sign up and begin taking rides. The brand is committed to make it simpler for you to book a cab for yourself and your loved ones.

Pain Points

To survive in the cutthroat market and stand out, the brand needed to develop a unique and innovative approach. Their key intej its were brand awareness and digital con- lent. In order to get their audience to use their service, they sought to develop creative methods of communication. Their main goal was to establish the brand as an easier means of cab booking.

Our Intervention

Aligned the brand with making traveling faster, cheaper and smoother.

Compared the benefits of booking a cab in the rain and returning home in safety at night.

Ran campaigns and giveaways that increased traffic and interaction on their social networks.

Increase in the organic reach of the page.

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